Gemstones for sale

We are one of Thailands biggest online dealers in gemstones and jewelry for sale as a buy it now. We dont use stock photoes for our coloured and loose gemstones for sale what you see in the photo is what you are buying from us. What makes us special is we buy the rough diect from the mines and cut here in our factory in Chanthaburi. We have an amazing array of both single and packets of loose coloured gemstones that include Sapphire both from thailand madagascar and around the world. We also have rubies from myanmar (burma) africa and many other sources. We have emeralds from Colombia as well as India and other mines worldwide. We have many other gems including Zircon , many different types of garnet including Colour change garnet, Mali garnet , Demontoid garnet, Tsavorite garnet. As well as being major importers of rough Spene and Sapphire that we then cut and polish in our own factory. We also have many collectors gems such as Agate, Chrome diopside, Tanzanite. We have gemstones to suit every pocket from cheap quartz through to high end Diamonds.

We also have trained jewellers as well as cutters working for us so we can make your dream designs become a realality whether only one peice or a whole line we can do that for an amazing price far below US and european costs. How we do that is that our labour costs are so much lower and base costs for things like wax moulds and moulding blocks are much cheaper.

Being based in Chanthaburi just a stones throw from the gem markets and gem trading centres if we dont have it in our vast stock we will probably be able to source it for you. Our stock changes daily and we are happy to supply a single gemstone, ring, pendant or similar peice or we can supply many hundred if that is what you need.

With many of our staff having worked in the gems and jewellery trade for many years we have a second to none knowlage of our field. Thailand is now probaly the worlds biggest gem trading area in the world located ideally between Cambodia,Burma (myanmar) a short flight to Sri Lanka and India and Africa with most of the worlds gems being sent here for cutting it is easy to find gems at unbeatable prices for the trained eye. If you are unsure or dont have the knowlage or even the time to come for your self allow us to be your one stop shop. We can even offer budding gemologists and students or even those who have been doing it for years an eye opening tour of the gem markets and factorys in this area many specializing in one type of gem.

With many shops dealing in tools, cutting and facetting equipment there is something for everybody. Most of the people who buy loose gemstones are either gems dealers themselves or jewellery designers. There aren't enough gemstone collectors in most places to justify gemstone shops although in Large Jewellry centres Such as Hatton Garden in London the jewellery centre in Birmingham (uk) Newyork (usa) and a few others worldwide finding a dedicated gemstore is hard to find also because of the high rents for these shops it is hard to find a bargain.

Because most of these shops are based miles away from the source/mines they tend to change hands many times before they get to you and in this case many middle men also means many people taking a cut. What we offer is to come direct to the source with us dealing directly with the mine in some cases cutting ourselfs and then selling direct on line means you are getting the same product but at a fraction of the cost.